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A (sticker) shocking story: when can you expect higher up-front costs?

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The wind is howling outside. Tree branches scratch against the side of a house as rain pelts the outer walls. Though it’s dark outside, a woman can be seen through the window, typing on her computer. The storm must have slowed her internet connection because she’s tapping her fingers on the table while she waits for a page to load. She leaves her seat to refill her coffee and smiles as she takes a sip. As she looks at her computer screen (which has finally loaded), the smile on her face twists into a look of horror. The mug drops from her hand and smashes to pieces on the floor. On the screen is….

A quote from a managed IT service provider (MSP) that was higher than she was expecting. It’s sticker shock! Ahhhhh!

Although this is a silly story, sticker shock can be scary.

And while we honestly think that it’s worth the price, managed IT services costs can be…surprising…at first glance. This is especially true when your business is new to MSPs.

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The up-front costs of updating equipment and processes might seem scary — even though these changes can actually save your business money in the long run. At Varay, we can partner with your business at the level that best suits you, whether it is replacing an MSP that hasn’t worked out or work as an extension of your in-house IT department. We don’t want to take your IT person’s job, but we can free them to focus on the big picture by handling things like support and ticketing.

Depending on the level of upgrading that’s needed, either situation can induce sticker shock. But the shock is often more pronounced when a business moves from a single person as an in-house tech or a small internal department to an MSP.

Why are managed IT services costs higher when your business is new to an MSP? Simply because of the cost to bring your IT infrastructure and equipment up to par when onboarding. MSPs use a proactive model of IT that works to prevent problems instead of waiting for them to occur. For example, when a company has only used break/fix IT, the chances are good that the focus has been on maintenance and repair instead of anticipating future needs.

A quick word about managed IT services, though…not all MSPs have the same level of expertise and communication. While it is crucial to find an IT partner that understands and works within your budget, the lowest cost provider doesn’t always mean quality service. Sometimes, MSPs just try to “win the business” by being the lowest bidder — without having a good network or processes for clients. This leaves a business and its employees in the dark, having to figure things out as they go along…which can be hair-raisingly frustrating. Varay isn’t that kind of MSP. We pride ourselves on clear communication and proven strategies — and also work to make budget-conscious upgrades when needed.

If you are wondering how an MSP can partner with your business, we’d love to discuss the possibilities. Whether you need entirely outsourced IT support or an extension of your IT department, we can help.


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